Gasless and runs on our L2 network

The marketplace can be found at

Having staking rewards off-chain saves users money from gas fees. If we did pure L1, it would cost gas to claim and then more gas fees to spend it inside our ecosystem. For the Squishiverse, once a person stakes their Squishies, they’ll be able to earn $XSLIME and spend it for free inside our ecosystem.

If you wish to trade $SLIME on a DEX or exchange in the future, you’ll have to pay gas in order to claim the L1 token straight to your wallet. $XSLIME purchased from marketplace also needs to be swapped into our L2 network in order to use it.

The marketplace launch starts off with whitelist items as part of our incubation program. We believe in supporting new projects that mint out in the nft community and provide a way for our holders to access exclusive/hard to obtain whitelist spots. These can be purchased for $XSLIME on the market.

You will see our first wave of in-game items be redeemable for $XSLIME, as well as a wide range of raffles including: whitelists, NFT giveaways, art giveaways, IRL gifts, etc. The in-game items are categorized in different rarities as well, so you better accumulate that $XSLIME to purchase our divine items! These will also be tradable on the secondary market!

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