In order to create a guild, players must use a Guild Creation Pass (bought on the marketplace using $SLIME.) The leader can then choose to display the guild inside a recruitment board menu instead of inviting others manually and then approve or decline incoming join requests. Players cannot join a guild until 24 hours after leaving one. Guild members can contribute to the guild through various activities that reward guild XP and guild currency. Logging in and donations give a small guild reward, daily guild quest for a small reward and then weekly guild quest for a large guild reward Guilds will have member roles that can be customized with permissions. Only the leader is allowed to disband the guild and use guild funds.

List of available permissions:

  1. Invite New Members

  2. Kick members

  3. Edit Guild Logo

  4. Edit Guild Message of Day

  5. Start Guild Events

  6. Send Guild Alerts

Guild Quests

  1. Daily: Perform activities such as killing enemies, gathering or events in a party of 3 or more guild members. Rewards guild XP, guild currency and game currency.

  2. Weekly: Kill a guild boss or complete a dungeon in a party of 3+ guild members

Guild Headquarters

All guilds start with a level 1 headquarter, with extra levels being purchased by the guild leader using $SLIME. The leader can also use currency to change the headquarters theme (e.g Forest, Castle, Halloween theme)

Level 1: 12x12

  1. block area Meeting Room (central entry area)

  2. Training Dummies

  3. Large Poster (player posted images)

Level 2: 16x16 block area Small Poster (player posted images)

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