Chapter 3

The Jester and the Dragon Knight

The Jester ran and ran, but to no avail. The swordsman must have vanished with the wind. The moon was shining above, filling the night sky with a soft glow. He decided it best to head back to his kingdom, and began his journey towards the clearing that he came from.

Just then, the Jester forgot his way. “Was it right or left, or maybe it was this way… no maybe that way.” He began to speak to himself out loud, trying to remember how he got to where he was.

“Oh it’s no use, this stupid forest with all these stupid trees. I’ll go this way I guess.” He made his way north, following the stars above for guidance. As he made his way out of the forest, he happened upon the main road leading out from his kingdom.

“Now that’s lucky. I’ll follow this road back from where I entered. Now only if I had a--.” The Jester was cut off by the sound of a rustling in the bushes.

Out of the forest appeared a Squish, one larger than most and with armor that glimmered in the moonlight. He was wielding a broadsword, and was fighting something. Then, a pack of wild boars jumped out after him, and he swiftly took care of them.

The Jester went up to the Squish, and admired his skills. “Wow, that was really something. Where did you learn how to fight like that?”

“Why, I am Oukaid, Dragonknight of the realm and sworn sword to protect the people within it,” he replied.

“So you are the Protector? The master swordsman who I’ve been looking for!”

“No, no. I am not him, yet I hope to reach that level one day. I am simply a knight on a quest, one that involves slaying a dragon.”

“A dragon?” the Jester asked. He had never heard of any dragons before.

“Yes, one that has succumbed to evil. Dyonisus is his name. He has fallen into darkness, consumed by hatred. I am tasked with slaying him. Some even say that his scales and teeth contain magical powers.”

The Jester was intrigued. “So this dragon… where does he live?”

“Atop a mountain far off in the northern realm. I am traveling there now. I hear there’s a village up the road. I’m making a stop quickly to refill my potions and then heading towards the mountains.”

The Jester decided that it might be good to travel that way as well. The Protector could very well be on the same quest. “I’ll join you then. Let’s make our way there.”

They journeyed to the village, and stopped at the local inn. The Dragonknight filled his potions and then said to the Jester, “I must leave now. Here is some coin for you to stay the night. Be safe on your travels. Farewell.” And with that, Oukiad left the village to continue his quest.

“Nice Squish, that Oukaid is. I hope to meet him again one day. Now, it’s time to get some sleep. In the morning, I will continue my search.

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