Chapter 2

Jester on a boar field

Jester on a boar field

"Stupid king with all his $SLIME and fortune." stumbled the Jester. The sun was already at its lowest point, and he had traveled for two days straight to find the Protector.

A strange sound coming from the bushes made the Jester quite uncomfortable as he is not a skilled fighter. He knows how to throw knives and run at best... "Damned king, give me a bodyguard on this mission." I'm nothing more than an ambassador!”

A little Boar appeared from the bushes to scare the squish.Hmmm... he looks tasty to me...! Walking slowly and silently with his knife, he approached the boar, ready to strike; he hadn't eaten properly in days. "Just a little bit closer" He was already thinking about how to prepare this meat when he felt a warm breath on his neck. ...there was only one way left, and that was the escape route...he was frozen in place; the mother of the boar was right here too!He started to run with nothing left to lose, but keeping his eyes closed was not the best idea, as he ran straight into a tree.

“That's it, you're either going to be eaten by some boars, or a greedy king beheads you.". It doesn't matter.He looked at the sky as the boars surrounded him and took a deep breath.

Ready to face the afterlife.

a shockwave knocked the boars away as another squish appeared and screamed random words. "GUST SLASH" he shouted.

It was both impressive and perplexing at the same time. Had he just found the Protector? The swordsman, though indeed skilled, could not finish his sentence this time as he stumbled over his cape and rolled to the Jester's feet like a ball. The Squish had screamed his attacks with all he had, but he did not even hit one of them...

He blushed in embarrassment. “Thank you so much for saving me!" stumbled the Jester. “You must be the person who is called the Protector of the Lands Beyond and this realm.”

"No!" The Squish with the sword spat back to the Jester, "You must be speaking of my master!" Are there any business matters between you and him?

As the court's Jester, I'm loyal to the court. I request that your Master come with me to his majesty's court for a task that only he can handle! Despite hating the King, the Jester screamed with passion and glory. That's what a royal jester does! “Aha.”

The Jester looked at the swordsman “Aha? No thanks, I'm here to hunt boars for my potions.” Said the swordsman walking away from the stunned Jester.

“HEY, WAIT!WAIT!WAIT! “He was the only clue he had since he left the castle, and the Jester ran after him as fast as he could since the sun had now set and only the moon was left to give light.

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