Staking and xSlime

Also known as "The Adventure", Staking 2.0 and our own L2 Solution

In the Squishiverse, Squishies are not simply staked, they are sent on Adventures! Every day they bring loot and rewards back to our custom L2 solution based on their rarity. In the future, we will continue to implement Staking features and provide incentives to stake. The Off-chain wallet will be used for earning. This will allow marketplace interactions to be completely gasless. You’ll only have to pay gas if you want to claim the $SLIME and have it in your web3 wallet.

Our website will display exactly how much $SLIME you have accrued, and your current balance at the time.

The staking contract and rewards contract are separate. We plan to have upgrades in the future, and therefore we want to avoid all potential errors that could occur during this. If the two were coupled, both would be at risk and impacted.

DISCLAIMER: As there is a bridge for our token (still in development), if one were to unstake before claiming rewards, they will lose the accrued slime for each of the NFT they are unstaking.

Your Squishie will produce $SLIME each day, and it is timestamp based — meaning it looks at the time of the block your Squishies were staked at, and compares it to the current time in which you want to view your rewards accrued. Rewards refresh instantly, but may be up to 30 seconds because of cache.

It is important to note that most $SLIME will be mainly produced through staking. Play 2 Earn mechanisms will work around item drops and market sales.

With our rewards being in a separate contract, we can evolve staking and our rewards as time goes by. This also allows us to introduce extra reward incentives, available to everyone.

Alternate you can also stake $SLIME at

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