Chapter 8

The godess

The Fountain Guardian, who was now twice the size of the fountain itself, and who seemed to be able to grow gemstones from his body at will, was now standing between them and the fountain.

“Aaron, I’ve never seen that form before, what is it?” asked the Jester.

“It’s one I seldom use, an ancient form found only in the book I carry with me. The electric form, a derivation of air plus water. This will allow me to harness the static charge present in the chamber, and against this guardian I hope will be enough to defeat it.”

As Aaron finished, the Fountain Guardian hurled a rock towards them. They both ran to cover, just barely making it behind a pillar of stone before the boulder reached them. As it hit the pillar, the stone cracked and the chamber’s ceiling shot dust down onto the ground below.

“Is that thing going to collapse the chamber?” the Jester nervously asked. “I don’t know, but I don’t want to be here to find out,” replied Aaron.

The guardian then took one of the gemstones from its body and broke it into pieces, flinging each towards the two Squishes.

“Jester, get to cover over there. Take your sword with you and be ready to attack when I give the signal. This fight might be harder than expected.”

The Jester did so, and ran behind a stone wall with a slit in the middle for him to see out of.

“Alright, now it’s time to take care of this thing,” Aaron said to himself.

He focused for a moment, and then put his fingers together, drawing electricity from the surrounding air. Sparks began fluttering towards him as his eyes opened. He reached his hand towards the guardian and a bolt of electricity shot out, hitting the creature.

“Aarghh,” the guardian shouted as it was struck with the bolt. Some of its gemstones fell off as it fell to its knees, before getting back up quickly. The guardian then paused, closed its eyes, if you could call them that, and in a few seconds the gemstones began glowing. It grew in size and began throwing boulders twice as fast towards Aaron, who dodged every single one, albeit with a few close calls.

“Jester, I need time to charge up my final attack. It’s time, distract the guardian.”

As Aaron said this, he pointed towards the Jester, sending an electric charge towards his sword, empowering it. The Jester leaped out behind his wall and began running around the guardian, using his sword to shoot sparks towards it every now and then.

“Okay, I’m good to go, get back to cover,” Aaron shouted.

Aaron stood still, and charged up the air around him. The water in the fountain began to shift and the air grew stale. The electric charge around Aaron grew until he finally had a sphere of lightning at his fingertips. Launching it towards the guardian, he wondered under his breath if it was enough. Luckily, it was, and the Fountain Guardian fell to its back, defeated at last.

“Nice one,” said the Jester. “Now, let’s see what all this trouble was for.”

They made their way towards the fountain, and the glowing water shined even brighter, before a cloud of smoke appeared, dissipating before revealing a divine figure.

“Do not come any closer,” the voice boomed, “for this fountain is no ordinary artifact. It is the Fountain of the Goddess, of whom I am the one that fits that title. I beseech you, brave ones, for defeating my guardian, and yet I weep for my warrior. However, the time has come, you two have proven yourselves worthy. I have waited a long time to finally reveal this secret to someone. Listen now, for what you are about to hear is crucial for your land.”

The Goddess paused for a moment and then continued on.

“Long ago, the people of this land were in dire need of help. Their crops were failing,

livestock getting sick and water filled with disease. I, in my pity, decided to assist them, in return for only the act of worship. However, they did not hold up their end of the bargain and no one visited my shrine, nor did they leave any gifts. In my rage, I cursed these lands, and used my power to make sure those living here would rue the mistakes

they made. The time has come, however, that the curse’s secret shall be unlocked. Only Dionysus, king of dragons, can give the answers you seek. Head North, towards the

mountains, and at the top you shall find him. Good luck and farewell.” With that, the Goddess vanished into the fountain.

“Well, that was a lot,” the Jester said. “I guess we should leave now.

“Yes,” Aaron replied, “let us get out of here before something else happens.”

With that, they made their way out of the cave, into the fresh air. It was then that they spotted a knight fighting a giant serpent. A banner was sticking out of the ground beside him, the Crest of the Protector blowing gently in the wind.

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