Our metaverse direction

The design is simple, the scaling is seamless. Metaverses are not really that different to MMOs by design. Over past metaverses developed, we noticed the architecture and business requirements are pretty much identical. You have servers or lobbies where a substantial number of people will be in the same lobby or environment.

What will the squishiverse look like?

The squishiverse will be 3D and isometric. Players who participate will have the choice of either participating as a squishy (a colorless squishy with no customization) or playing as your squishy or any incubated project. This will incentivize nft adoption and ownership across incubated projects who decide to work with us.

New content will be created and it will drive the value of the platform further, rewarding every project and holder who decides to integrate together. There will be a trading system that works seamlessly with L2 solutions on economy. Raids from traditional MMORPGs will be integrated, allowing fellow nft owners to dominate the metaverse together. And in any event players want a place to call home, they’ll be able to build their own safe haven and customize the interior with their own furniture.

Why are we heading in the direction of a MMORPG?

So the real winner in our opinion is going to be the platform where people spend most of their time. Grinding mechanics are absolutely ESSENTIAL to making sure people invest time into getting the right drops or loot they want. Social features are great but they’ll get boring if there's no difficult rewards for players to work towards achieving. That's why we want combat and bossing to be a core part of this game and also make it rewarding for skilled players.

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