Chapter 1

King Aurian

The World Beyond

King Aurian stood atop his gilded castle, looking over his domain. The man had lived a remarkable life, but he had never reached his become immortal. He had spent his life acquiring as much gold as he could and coining them with his likeness, but this wasn't true immortality. This led him to become a bitter old man hoarding gold like a slumbering dragon deep in a mountain. Even though his entire lineage could live in the trappings of wealth, he couldn't come to part with his fortune even for his son. The golden coins were known throughout the kingdom as $SLIME; the hoarded wealth of the king had created a disparity in the commonwealth.

"Sire, we have news!" The court jester stumbled into the room and was trembling with fear. "Buffoon," the king said. "Did you find me the brave Dragon Knight UOKIAD?

"No, sir, we cannot find him!" The king threw his goblet at the jester, and anger boiled inside.

"Do you know the Squish known as The Protector?" The king shouted. "Yes, sire. He trains the Future Knights of the Lands. He faced the most vicious demons, the strangest creatures not even from this realm!" replied the jester.

The protector was the most skillful of the swordsmen, a true Legend molding the future protectors. Yes, it is a squish worthy of serving the king of all that is gilded.

"Find him and bring him to me!" The king threw a golden bowl full of fruits to dismiss the jester and once again began pondering his dilemma.

"My $SLIME must be protected; Who better than the Protector..." The king grinned and turned back to watch the bustle of workers below.

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