DEX and LP Farm

We want to urge you that $SLIME assets are not financial investments — these are utility tokens strictly to be used only within the Squishiverse ecosystem. $xSLIME is pegged 1:1 to $SLIME, however, leaving our L2 makes the user responsible for all their actions afterwards. We do not condone investing, speculating or actively trading $SLIME — the sole purpose of $SLIME and $xSLIME is for interactions within the Squishiverse marketplace and game. 1 $SLIME = 1 $SLIME. Here is the DEX for $SLIME: UNISWAP

You need to buy $SLIME from the DEX or bridge your xSlime to L1 and pair it with ETH. The link can be found on the Tokensfarm website or directly on Uniswap.

On every single TokensFarm smart contract, they are at least high quality audited by two parties like CertiK, and their audit reports can be found on their website. Before providing liquidity, please do some research on providing liquidity and the risks associated with it like Impermanent loss.

There is no limit to how many tokens you want to add to the pool, the rewards are based on a dynamic APY — meaning it adjusts accordingly to how many users leave or enter the pool. The first pool we are opening with TokensFarm will last for 60 days. In order to farm the APY and receive the rewards, you will have to stake for a minimum of 10 days. The longer you stake the higher the token rewards! Learn more about Yield and DeFI here : Binance Acedemy

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