Progression Systems


The core progression system in Squishiverse will revolve around leveling up and skill points. Each time you level up, you will receive a skill point to spend on a wide and varied skill set.

A focus will be made to ensure that the tougher the enemy you fight the more rewarding it will be not only with loot, but in experience gained for the time and effort spent as well, creating an incentive to group up and tackle the biggest challenges the game has to offer while still keeping content for solo players.


Some monsters are too big for squishies to do any damage. They’ll need to be better armed and equipped to take enemies head on.

Equipment will be randomly dropped from enemies and have an attack value based on its level requirement, with rarity tiers serving as the number of bonus stats the items have. The example below shows an Epic rarity weapon with 3 bonus stat lines.

Skill Tree

Our goal for the skill system in Squishiverse is for every player to have their own defined and custom playstyle/skill build.

It's important that players feel like their choices are meaningful while progressing through the game but we also don't want you to feel that there's a wrong choice either. There will be ways to reset your skills and adjust your build however you see fit. Below is a rough example of what to expect for spending skill points.

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