The Utility Token of the Squishiverse


$SLIME is a ERC20 utility token for the Squishiverse. It will serve as the currency for the game and the medium of exchange for our gasless marketplace. This marketplace will include in-game items for our Metaverse (Squishiverse).

The total supply of the $SLIME token is 1 billion and have all been pre-minted to our Gnosis safe.

Here is an overview of the breakdown of our tokenomics:

  • 20% Treasury: This will be kept within the Gnosis safe for a multitude of purposes, such as community cases, funding the bridge, etc.

  • 20% Liquidity: We have set aside 20% of supply to be used for our liquidity pool. The pool was opened up with 123k, and will be fed with more $SLIME if it is needed.

  • 20% NFT Staking: This amount of supply is strictly from the amount pre-mined from Squishie NFT staking. This will give 1.5+ years of pre-mining the token, assuming 100% of Squishies are staked.

  • 15% Deflationary Protection: In the event our token becomes extremely hyper-inflationary, we have this amount of supply set aside to burn to counter-act this.

  • 10% Game Ecosystem: 100million $SLIME tokens will be dedicated immediately to the Squishiverse. This will fund in-game rewards, prize pools, etc.

  • 10% Team Reserve: These tokens will be initially kept in the treasury for emergency purposes or if there is ever a seed round. In the future, the tokens will be vested for X amount of years (once decided).

  • 5% Staking Reserve: These tokens are set aside for single-sided $SLIME staking and for liquidity providers.

The $SLIME token is a basic erc20 token (same implementation as $APE coin). Here is the token contract:



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