L1 Bridge

L1 <-> L2 $SLIME Integration

In order for your earnings to reach the ETH network and to be able to trade it, a bridge is required. This is currently under production for ETH <-> $SLIME and will allow you to trade your $SLIME on decentralized exchanges.

The bridge has only been funded with a small supply of $SLIME, and there is a 1% fee when swapping between $xSLIME and $SLIME. In doing so, the bridge will be self-sustaining, and will only require an extremely small supply in it at all times. We will be closely watching the bridge, and making sure it has an adequate amount for swaps.

Currently rewards earned are stored as L2 $XSLIME on our servers which is 1:1 to L1 $SLIME. It will cost users gas to swap $XSLIME for $SLIME. The main reason it is centralized on our servers is so that the user experience remains gas free.

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