In Squishiverse, players will be able to fight a wide variety of enemy types from small fry critters to elites to large raid bosses. Smaller enemies are easily crowd controlled and react heavily to your attacks. Larger enemies such as elites do not react as easily and may take strong attacks in order to crowd control. Raid bosses will be completely unflinching and require a group effort in order to take down. Squishiverse’s combat system will combine these systems:


Based on your weapon you will be able to do simple short combo strings or fire projectiles with minor damage but no cost.


Abilities will be tied to the Squishitypes specific resource, ranging from; small cost low impact/damage to high cost and high impact abilities.

Defensives (Guard, Super Armour/Invulnerability/Mobility)

All Squishitypes will have a dash and sprint tied to a resource that can be used to avoid attacks entirely. Some abilities may have special properties such as invulnerability or super armour and some Squishitypes such as Knight will have a special guard function that enables them to reduce damage taken.


Every squishitype will have a unique primary resource (e.g Mana), and a global secondary resource such as stamina that is used for dashing or sprinting.

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