As the scene develops, we start to see more of a focus on the utility of one’s NFT. Always ‘wen utility?’, but never ‘how utility?’. Here at the Squishiverse, a core value of ours is to underpromise and overdeliver.

A common problem we see in this space, especially with land-based mints is that they severely lack immediate utility, or are built solely on promises. These projects can sell land purely based on word-of-mouth, with no proof of concept or no production in progress. SquishiLand is different.

There is an abundance of land NFTs that bring no utility, no interaction, no customisation, etc. SquishiLand brings full customisation from Day 1, giving users the ability to build immediately. The possibilities are endless, whether it be a guild house, a shop, a residential house, and so on.

SquishiLand will offer 4444 land plots, with four categories of land to suit one’s intended uses.

Below are the land sizes (subject to change, price TBA):

  • Tier 1: 15x15–2494 plots

  • Tier 2: 20x20–1500 plots

  • Tier 3: 30x30–400 plots

  • Tier 4: 40x40–50 plots

What are the benefits of owning a SquishiLand plot?

  • Stake your land plot to earn $xSLIME, and higher tiered plots will yield more $xSLIME. Users can utilise this within our ecosystem or bridge to L1 $SLIME.

  • Immediately upon mint, owners will be able to customise their land plot and build it to their desires. Additional customisation can come from obtaining unique and exclusive items within our gasless marketplace.

  • When the assets are transferred, the land plot will stay the same.

  • This will be reflected on-chain through a metadata refresh, allowing potential buyers to look at their plot before buying.

  • Not every holder has the time to build a plot for their intended use, and this ability allows for builders to develop a plot and sell it off to another person.

  • Alternatively, holders can choose to reset the plot or choose from a number of standard templates for that size of land.

  • SquishiLand plots are the only types of buildings or housing that will be implemented into our districts. Each land plot will have an exterior belonging to itself

  • Exclusive airdrops and NFTs for land holders only.

  • Land owners can lease their plots out for $xSLIME to other users, such as renting rooms within their plot.

SquishiLand FAQ

Q: Why are we doing a Squishiland mint?

Metaverse land is an extremely hot topic at the moment with people realising the utility and value of holding a scarce plot within a metaverse. The Squishiverse will be a limited map, and these genesis plots will be physical, external plots within our districts. We believe that a lot of projects are lacking the immediate utility behind this, and we plan to make the SquishiLand plots different. SquishiLand will offer utility immediately upon minting, and will be adapting and evolving as time goes on. Additionally, this land mint allows the team to bring in a lot more resources and really ramp up our development.

Q: When is mint? Is there whitelist? Will there be a public sale?

The mint date is still TBA, but sometime early-mid May is our proposed timeline. It will be a full whitelist mint, with the rest over supply going to the public sale.

Q: Do all holders get WL?

With the supply of SquishiLands being half of the Squishiverse PFP collection, we’ve made the decision to not automatically whitelist all holders. However, we are heavily prioritising all types of Squishiverse holders. Whitelist spots will be given through a multitude of different faucets, and we will be trying our best to make them as fair as possible, and accessible to all — but, like previously mentioned, we will prioritise our holders.

Q: What if I buy a WL spot with $SLIME, but then buy it again for a cheaper price, or win with a different method. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately no. Getting WL early cements the spot, and therefore you won’t get a refund

Q: Why is it not an airdrop to holders? As much as we’d love to reward our holders with an airdrop like this, we want to expand the team and our resources. With a core team of about 10 individuals, imagine how much we’d be able to deliver when we expand!

Q: Can other people join and play on my land?

Our current demo is single player only (https://squishiland.com/). However, we are in the process of building our network infrastructure for V1 — and this will bring the multiplayer aspect to all of our game. When the SquishiLand plots are integrated into our game, these will be external and physical plots — meaning any one can come to the plot of land and interact in the way you’d like them to.

Q: Can I merge plots of SquishiLand?

Q: Can I build whatever I want in my world or are there set objects and items?

There will be a base number of assets that are given by default, and then users will be able to buy furniture and customisation packs through $xSLIME.

Q: Will there be a way to display NFTs like banners and picture frames?

We are currently checking this feature as well, if it’s possible we will implement it!

Q: Are Guild lands different or same?

Same! The sizes of plots will allow you to get the type of land that fits the needs of your guild.

Q: What do you mean by ‘land will be reflected on-chain’?

The plots of land on the secondary market will be viewable, allowing potential buyers to view your plot before buying. This brings in the option for builders to come in and flip plots — as in, buy an empty plot, build something epic on it, and then sell it off to a buyer who either likes their work, or doesn’t have the time to build their own plot. Buyers of plots can still reset to set templates, edit the current plot, or reset the plot completely if they wish to not stick with the current build.

All information is subject to change, details will be cemented as we approach mint.

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