Chapter 4

The Jester and the Fountain of the Godess

The Jester woke up the next morning very refreshed. The sleep he was able to get allowed him to catch the sunrise as it shone through his window on the second floor.

“Breakfast, come get your breakfast,” a Squish shouted from below. The voice boomed through the inn and the scent of eggs and bacon caught the Jester as he went to get dressed.

As he made his way downstairs, the sky began to turn shades of orange and purple and pink and blue. The village began to wake up and Squishes of all trades started to prepare their shops and market stalls for the day ahead. One stall in particular caught the Jester’s eye. It was a large tent, with blue and white ribbons streaming out from the top. The wooden base contained trinkets and relics, some seeming from faraway lands. Golden jewelry and silver platter ware shimmered in the morning sun and it was then that the Jester noticed the Squish operating the booth.

The Squish was tall, and was wearing a coat made out of many colors. His hat was a bright green and his traveling pack was filled to the brim with things. The Jester could almost make out a medallion before he was greeted with a voice behind him.

“Nice day today, huh?” the voice caused the Jester to spin around.

It was the traveling merchant; he must have caught him staring and made his way over to him without him noticing.

“Uh.. yes, quite the day it is,” the Jester replied nervously. “I was just admiring your stand, there are very many oddities you seem to have brought to us.”

“Why, of course. I come from lands far off from these, ones that many have yet to see. What I have found would interest some, and captivate others. Come, let me show you some of my collection.”

“Wait,” the Jester said, “what is your name?”

“Aaron. Aaron, the traveling merchant. Pleasure to meet you,” the Squish replied.

As they made their way over to Aaron’s stall, the Jester noticed that the stall was larger than it first seemed, with many more things than before.

“See here,” Aaron said, “my collection. I’m actually packing up to leave this morning. Heading north towards a town up the road, about a day’s travel.”

“Why, so am I,” the Jester answered. “If you’d like, we can travel together.”

Aaron thought it over for a minute and then accepted, packed up his things and began his way towards the road. The Jester followed, but not before getting some breakfast to go.

As they made their way down the road, they happened upon a small forest, and from the woods they heard a scream. Aaron and the Jester entered the treeline and found a group of Squishes being cornered by a large beast, one that the Jester had never seen before. It had horns and a tusk, with a large tail that had spikes at the end of it.

“Help us,” one of the Squishes yelled, “we just wanted to pick some flowers.”

The Jester did not know what to do and began to look around for help. Suddenly, Aaron appeared from the other side of the clearing, clothed in a bright green robe, his matching hat still on from before. He was wearing a medallion around his neck. He began chanting words in an ancient tongue and used a staff he now wielded to smite the beast, sending it down into the earth below.

“A-Aaron, what was that?” the Jester asked. “I did not mean to reveal my true identity, but I must help when people need me. I am a traveling merchant, yes, but I am also a member of the Mage Guild, an ancient organization that uses magic and magical artifacts to protect the realm.”

“Aaron the Mage,” the Jester replied. “Rolls off the tongue better.”

One of the Squishes said to Aaron, “thank you for saving us. Please, it’s not much, but we found this while picking flowers. It seems to be some sort of key. You would know what to do with it more than we would. Safe travels and thank you again. Goodbye.”

“A key, hm?” Aaron said to himself. “I’ve actually been lying to you even more, my friend. I’m not actually going to a village, I’m searching for something important.”

“Important?” the Jester asked, “what is it that you’re looking for?”

“A fountain, one that has magical capabilities. It is said that it can heal your wounds, or even be used to refill potions. This key might be what I’ve been looking for to unlock its potential.”

“This fountain,” the Jester said, “does it have a name?”

“Yes, the Fountain of the Goddess,” Aaron replied. “It’s time for us to embark on a new quest.”

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