Our motivation

A serious problem needs to be squished, a Note from our HEAD GAME DEV QQ

The web2 industry is known for not supporting artists, but here we are to tell you that it doesn’t support developers either. It only supports the giants and shareholders they work behind. Civilization has come a long way with equality for all people of color, gender, ethnicity (although not entirely). The economy has forgotten the intellectuals and creatives who are behind the web2 platform. With artists on spotify who strive to create only receiving $0.00331 for a single spotify play. This level of inequality is sure to come onto the metaverse when web3 giants make their way in (not really, they’ve already arrived.)

Web3 is transforming Web2 into a way we have never seen before. Rather than big tech giants controlling products and market share, we are giving the community direct control over their own assets and a say through DAOs on what happens with them. They cannot be confiscated at any time, unlike standard web2 practices for breaching behavior. Consider the League Of Legends tribunal system where false bans result in your account potentially being gone forever after investing in them. Digital assets are transformed into true ownership (through NFTs) just like Bitcoin aimed to have purchasing power tethered to a deflationary cryptocurrency.

So that’s why we’ve devised a plan to create an ecosystem that not only supports talented artists, but the developers that have too been abused by the industry for far too long. The Squishiverse will bring NFTs to life. The brands you support will not just be for show but as prestigious identities you show off to other people in online hangouts. This is what we believe drives value behind art.

A brief key list of points on what Squishiverse will offer: A metaverse where everyone can participate (but costs to customize). Ways for investors to grow their NFT brands in value through participation. Incubation of new and popular nft projects into the ecosystem

One key principle that the Squishiverse follows: Grow NFT value by growing the value of the metaverse. With more mechanics and features added to the metaverse, partnered nft projects will inherit. In the Squishiverse, there’s no reason why every NFT can’t have fun together.

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