The Squishiverse

Official Squishiverse Whitepaper, last updated Mar 12, 2022


The Squishiverse is more than just your run of the mill cute slime-like profile picture project. It is our mission to help educate, incubate, and provide as much utility as we can to our Squishie holders and smaller artists across the broader NFT space and help foster Web3 culture into the mainstream.

Our Core values

One of the Squishiverse’s core values is to support and incubate smaller artists with their entrance into the broader Web3 ecosystem. The artist behind these cute Squishies — FourLeafClover — is the embodiment of this vision. Clover, an artist based in Thailand, found herself without a job during the peak of the COVID pandemic. She instantly found love and support in her journey within the Web3 world after spending time in communities such as Sappy Seals and CryptoMories. She very quickly became a tremendous community member and began providing everyone with art that they grew to love.

The Metaverse

In our minds a very serious problem within the NFT world needs to be permanently squished. The Web2 industry is known for not supporting artists, nor supporting developers — it only supports the giants and their stakeholders. We want to rectify this situation!
On top of supporting talented artists, the Squishiverse also plans to support developers who have been neglected and abused within the Web2 industry.